The Awkward First Post

by June

I’ve always found first posts awkward, and even a little daunting, I guess. They generally say the same sort of thing, something along the lines of  “I’m finally starting a blog!” and then talking about what they hope to accomplish through said blog, or lead them to create it. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

And then, the first post can feel daunting, as well. It can feel like a very serious business, The First Post, the first impression, the first dive into the blogging world. When you’ve never blogged before, it is especially overwhelming, I think.

Not to mention the fact that many blogs don’t get very far past the first post. I see so many blogs that sit idle, the first post brandished optimistically with a title like “Hello, World!” with nothing following after.

But then again, I’m often inclined to look at the glass half empty. Really, the first post can also be an exciting thing, the beginning of something unknown, when you don’t know how it will end  up, or what it could become. It could become something fantastic, amazing, life-changing. The first post allows you to believe all that.