by June

imageI love taking walks with my husband. We often walk near the end of the day, talking about small things or big things, from movies to our future. Much of the time we spend walking together, though, is spent in comfortable silence, simply walking side by side, taking in the things around us or mulling over thoughts in our heads.

Some of our most interesting conversations we’ve had are when we’re walking together, and I love that. But I also love those moments of silence. There’s a sense of contentment I get just listening and watching everything going on around us as we walk together. I often notice things more during those times – the way the sunlight hits a colored window, the sound of a bird landing on a branch – I’ve taken hundreds of photos with my phone on those walks, noticing all these little things I’ve never seen before, wanting to capture them all.

I savor the quiet, drawn-out times we spend walking together. We often set a lazy pace, in no hurry to get back home. I imagine there’s times in your life when you don’t have that sort of luxury. It’s such a simple thing, walking together like that. But I like it.