Summer Sweat

by June


I’m not used to this sort of heat. It’s a kind of heat that sinks under your skin and makes you feel heavy, settles into you like glue and cements you to your chair. I’m standing in front of the air conditioning unit, willing it to cool off the room faster. In fact, I’d never even had air conditioning before I moved here to Los Angeles.  I’m amazed by it, actually.

I’m sure that sounds stupid, to say I’m amazed by an air conditioning unit. But have you ever experienced some modern day convenience you hadn’t experienced before and just thought, “Damn, I love living in the 21st century”? Sometimes I imagine taking a modern day invention,  like an air conditioning unit or a digital camera, back in time to like, the middle ages and just blowing people’s minds. But then I think I’d probably get burned for being a witch. That’s me looking at the glass half empty.