Nueva Escuela, First Day

by June

Well, today was my first day of classes for grad school.

I was totally freaking out about it, like I usually freak about things, but tried to remain positive and calm. I’ve suffered from social anxiety since childhood, but over the summer I was committed to working on my anxiety and learning strategies and methods to help me cope with it.

Anyways, it’s been a very slow process, but I do feel it’s helped some. I didn’t sit in class today, going over everything I had said or should have said (at least, I barely did). I think a lot of it for me is overthinking.

Here’s hoping for a great first semester! I have more first classes tomorrow (plus, first day of work as well). So hopefully I get some sleep tonight, instead of going over a thousand things in my head that I need to get done or can’t stop worrying about.