Night of the Comet: terrible movie, awesome shoes.

by June

Sometimes, you just want to watch a really terrible movie about a killer comet that turns 90% of people into red dust, 8% of people into zombies, and two valley girls plus some scientists into gun-wielding, grizzled survivors. When this mood strikes you, Night of the Comet is there to please.

However, when you’re in the mood for a movie that makes sense and isn’t 85% terrible (I’m in a percents mood tonight!), then NOTC will leave you feeling disgruntled, dissatisfied, and/or displeased. But to make up for the enormous, gaping plot holes and Really Bad dialogue, there are some totally kickass shoes and big hair. I would definitely wear any one of these outfits, any day. Especially if I need to fight zombies.

Let’s start with the hair, shall we?

Nothing says 80’s like big hair, a tucked in slouchy shirt and a machine gun. Am I right?

And nothing says badass like big hair and a bike.

But what this movie really had going for it was its amazing lineup of shoes. Inexplicably, these two girls managed to find time to change their outfits hourly while also trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. And I don’t know who filmed this movie, but they obviously appreciated shoes as much as I do, because there was a lot of weird, prolonged shoe-level shots. I actually made my brother rewind the movie so that I could double-take the boots the protagonist was wearing here:

Strange, piratey, a little bit martianish, and undeniably eighties. I know, I know, the nineties are the new eighties. But I don’t care. I love these boots anyways.

Yes, All Stars are sooo played out, but I love the contrast of the bright folded up sock against the blue and pink. Plus, hello, boombox anyone? Yes please.

Lastly, I was so stoked when the camera lingered on a shoe shot of these boots. I recently bought boots almost identical to these and had no idea how to wear them (much like anything I own that is remotely related to fashion). Now I just need to find a pair of slouchy socks and I am going to own this look like there’s no tomorrow (maybe there won’t be…if a killer comet comes! Yeah, I’m lame).

So, to recap: terrible plot, awful dialogue, but really good shoes. Plus, there’s a guy in the movie who dresses like this:

So, make of it what you will. I just want to find me some slouchy socks.