by June


So, my last post was all freak-out and then I stepped away from everything for a while and drove up to Big Sur, and stared at the ocean and how it goes on forever, and breathed in the air with its mix of pine and wood and salt and sea.

Not to go all granola, but sometimes the best cure for inner chaos is mother nature. It simplifies things, to see trees that have stood in the same place for decades, to see the expanse of the ocean stretching beyond you, limitless. It reminds you that your problems aren’t anything new – that your worries, your anxiety, your stress – the emotions you’re experiencing are the same emotions that people have felt throughout history. While the scenario and situations may change with the times, emotions are as steady and unchanged as the trees that stretch silently towards the sky. It helps to remember that. Life is really complicated, but it’s also really simple, right? Going somewhere that’s still raw and natural can be reassuring, a reminder of the big picture, of how simple life really is on a large scope.

It’s a temporary fix, though. Now that I’m back at home, I can already feel anxiety edging in again. The pace and pull of everyday life quickly reels you back in and sucks all the fresh, natural air out of you. But that’s okay, too. It’s probably important to find a balance between being productive and staring at trees.